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Jimmy J Pinchak Band – Blue on Arrival

Some of you might know the name Jimmy Jax Pinchak from his roles in ‘The Polar Express’ opposite Tom Hanks, ‘Hostage’ opposite Bruce Willis, and from his maelstrom of television appearances including the critically acclaimed FX show, ‘Over There’, and a recurring role in ‘Men Of A Certain Age’. Most recently Jimmy had the chance to show his range in the Matt Reeves film ‘Let Me In’ and Gavin Hood’s ‘Ender’s Game’, but what most might not know, if that Jimmy is also a fairly accomplished musician.

Beginning on the drums at an early age, Jimmy was soon swept away by the like of the Beatles, the Doors, Cream, and Jimi Hendrix, and soon after he picked up the guitar. After a few previous incarnations, ‘The Silence’ and power trio ‘Jax’, Jimmy has found his feet with the Jimmy J Pinchak Band, and while their latest release has some gaps in the sound, it’s a strong showing of style and talent.

Titled ‘Blue on Arrival’, the new album is nine brash and unpolished tracks of blues revival that shine well above Jimmy’s young age. An album that could be cut straight from the original blues-rock scene, the nine anthems that make up ‘Blue On Arrival’ have all the hallmarks of classics, bristling guitar chords, rattling percussion, and an ingrained sense of melancholy that draws ever jangling note together. 

Although some of the standout tracks are covers, there’s no lack of excitement in the five original pieces that Jimmy has put together. With no true discrepancies between the classics and Jimmy’s own work, it’s a marvel to hear old songs renewed with vigor and passion.

It’s easy to see that the soul, heart, and talent all lie within ‘Blues on Arrival’, and it’s just a matter of Jimmy’s experience growing to meet his abilities. A few songs stumble in the wake of their driving sound, but they’re only faint flaws that can easily be missed when in the wraps of Jimmy’s vocals. 

A growing success in film, and a shining talent in music, Jimmy uses this new album to show that there’s nearly nothing he can’t achieve, and you have to respect that.

  • Rating: 7 out of 10
  • Anthem: Crossroad Blues

Jimmy J Pinchak Anthem Music Review Blue on Arrival

5 April, 2016





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