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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band - Make It Better


Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band - Make It Better  


I really enjoyed listening to this album. The first song (“There Is More”) started out very upbeat. It reminded me a little bit a something The Wallflowers might have done. The second track “On the Run,” however was very different yet still a lot of fun.  It reminded me a lot of 90's rock and that is definitely a plus in my book. I enjoyed the fact that it focused a lot on guitar and vocals not all the extra stuff a lot of people do.  

The title track was very catchy. I really thought the lyrics were well written. The instrumental break was my favorite on this song. “Free Your Mind” was a good motivational song. The message seems to be that you make you own decisions in life and it turns out the way you want it to. Free your mind and do what you love because the world is in your hands. It’s a very good message. 

I loved track seven where they covered “Draggin' The Line!” It was well done but didn't sound like they were just doing a karaoke version of it. They made it there own. Even without looking at the names of the tracks at first as soon as the last track came on, I could insistently tell it was Santana’s “Soul Sacrifice.” It’s an amazing song and an amazing cover, as well, by Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band.

Overall I really enjoyed this album. As I got further into the album the lyrics and instrumentals stayed consistently good. I intend to turn some friends onto this album, too. I definitely will listen to this album a lot of times.  

Review by Laura Turner  

8/10 Stars

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