Published on April 30th, 2014

Band: Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band
CD: Make it Better:

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Score: 4/5 stars

Jimmy Jax Pinchak and his red hot band are quickly making a name for himself in the Independent Music scene. They have received critical acclaim form many music critics around the world and their debut album entitled “Make it Better” is in my opinion a real barnburner.   Jimmy’s band is a late 60s influenced blues/rock band with a contemporary feel. He has been influenced by Freddie King, Hendrix, The Doors, The Beatles, The Allman Brothers and his favorite Eric Clapton. He also follows the Black Keyes and Gary Clark Jr. Band consists of: Jacob Delott on bass, Lael Eccard on drums, Nathan Leigh on keyboards, Stan Nirenberg on guitar and Jimmy Jax Pinchak on lead guitar and vocals. This latest release (produced by Jon Fowler, mixed by Josh Mosser (Imagine Dragons – Radioactive) and mastered by Grammy winner Erick Labson. This 8 Track line-up presents a 70’s/80’s-style neo-blues-singer/songwriter rock n’ roll record with a wide range of influences, including perhaps; Foghat, Lynard Skynard, Eddie Money, Joe Walsh, Humble Pie and Stev Miller Band.

This album makes a good first impression with “There is More” and “On the Run” @ incredible tracks garnishing a reputation for being positive and upbeat – but this album picks through some of the things that happen in life in general.  The songwriting on ”Make it Better” delivers everything the title implies and aims to promote more positive messages than is common in rock these days. This is done while not holding back emotionally of spiritually thus steering clear of reducing the songs to a sanitized versions of themselves. Within these masterful lyrics and guitar playing from Pinchak I get the impression he will  reach out to multitudes with genuine greatness and meaning. The lyrics and music touched me and were written for that listener that may be going through a sort of soul’s journey. To the right and left of him evil – yet ho forges his path through the darkness. This is how I visualized the album. Every song also has a different dynamic, which helps it all from sounding repetitive. It’s also filled with powerful rocked out synergy and topics that are relatable. Track 3 “Tell Me” is a real attention grabber and spiritual wake up call. “Free Your Mind” Is along the same vein. Pinchak is a rock solid guitarist, soloist, writer, vocalist and performer. While being emotional, Pinchak pulls out all the stops backed up with the rock solid musicianship, impressive writing skills. Above all you can hear the strong emotion vocal front as he takes on these at times powerful messages head on. My top 3 tracks are “On the Run”, “Make it Better” and “There is More” in that order. I could be wrong but “Make it Better” is about improving the staus quos through the power of believing. It’s testament to character, having a strong will power, strength, courage and having a strong resolve. Indeed many of these traits are possessed by many people that play Blues/Rock – because they have no choice because sometimes it’s about survival.

Some listeners want to experience music that is quirky, angry, eccentric, thoughtful boastful, loud, reckless, destructive, shallow, indulgent whatever. To me this reflects the culture. The music of Jimmy Jax Pinchak takes music a step further. It’s obvious Pinchak knows a lot about life. He no doubt has many life experiences good and bad to bring to the table as a songwriter, producer. This greatly enhances the depth of listening experience for me. It’s a real breath of fresh air to hear messages that have more substance than what is presently playing in my car Stereo.


Michael Adler edited by J.J McCall

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