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Jimmy Jax Pinchak | Make it Better | New Music Review

Submitted by Heather Savage


Thu, 05/01/2014 - 11:28am


California based Jimmy Pinchak composes in an eclectic style borrowing from Rocking Blues music, combined with an Alt-Rock aesthetic. His lyrics share a black humor/self-deprecating sensibility. He writes of the mundane and the complex, and probably doesn’t understand everything but questions what he already knows. His latest debut CD entitled Make it Bettercaptures the spirit of more Blues based rock material from Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls and even Keith Urban. Apart from being an actor Pinchak is also a seasoned guitarist and performer. Currently Jimmy performs with his band in the Los Angeles area. Two originals performed but not yet recorded are "Off the Grid" and blues based "To the Days That Were Mine" both co-written with Tim Acres. Jimmy's band is a late 60s influenced blues/rock band with a contemporary feel. He has been influenced by Freddie King, Hendrix, The Doors, The Beatles, The Allman Brothers and his favorite Eric Clapton. He also follows the Black Keyes and Gary Clark Jr. the Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band consists of: Jacob Delott on bass, Lael Eccard on drums, Nathan Leigh on keyboards, Stan Nirenberg on guitar and Jimmy Jax Pinchak on lead guitar and vocals.

Getting back to this latest work entitled Make it Better (2014) it consists of 8 intriguing tracks. Track 1, “There is More” sets the stage well for a consistent and uplifting musical journey. With this CD, expect soul-stirring harmonies and at times electrifying and invigorating Hard Rock Blues style rock. Indeed Pinchak and his band crafted a fierce and powerful rock album, combining elements of witty pop songwriting with the brashness of late 80's and early 90's alternative rock. Straight away it’s clear to me that the 8 tracks are an imaginative return to melancholy love-laced rock song writing fused with the better musical touches of today’s Hard Pop, all with the eccentricity of a Singer/Songwriter. White at times reminds me of Tom Petty, Don Henley, Jackson Browne, REO Speedwagon and The Georgia Satellites and Marshall Tucker. On the other side of the sonic spectrum I can hear John Cale and even Eric Hutchinson to Matt Wertz. I must admit today’s music has many people feeling of bit of soullessness – how appropriate that I get a CD by an artist like Pinchak that was a real shock to the system – in a good way. The album begins in hooky fashion with the magnificent the first 3 somewhat mind-blowing tracks “There is More”, “On the Run” and “tell Me.” These first 3 tracks are a brilliant exercise in self reflection laden with hooky vibes and an impressive vocal delivery from Pinchak. CD hits solid stride from there and really doesn’t back down. The only surprise is that at-least 1 of these songs on this CD was not groomed for heavy Radio airplay. A few are radio friendly singles’ of the highest order. “Into the Fire” and the title track follow shortly thereafter. All songs are a pleasant journey through a Blues-Rock-70’s Pop passion play of his psyche. The harmonies beautify what could have even been Contemporary Modern Blues Rock songs if they were slightly dressed differently. The title track and/or “Free Your Mind” could be featured on TV or Film, showcasing Pinchak and his band as a moving and grooving unit, with a chorus that has a stark ring of truth t it..

In the end a guy like Pinchak is a real breath of fresh air compared to what’s out there right now. As I mentioned earlier, Make it Better is kind of a real shock to the everyday musical system presently in place. Of the whole album, 3 songs are in the category of brilliant, 4 are good, and only 1 skipped through in rotation. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Pinchaks popularity continue to grow as it did in my own household during the week.

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