Genre:  Heavy Blues Rock, Rock n' Roll, Americana

Sounds Like: Robbie Williams, Rusted Root, Tindersticks

The Good Amazing Vibe, Production and Writing Touches, Vocal Front, Musicianship, Guitar Work

The Bad: Nothing to report

The Ugly: Nothing to report

The Band: 4 out of 5

The Music: 5 out of 5

The Songs: 4 out of 5

The Vibe: 4 out of 5

The Production: 4 out of 5

The Verdict4 out of 5




The Review The latest release by California based band Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band entitled interestingly enough “Make it Better” came to my attention last week. I must admit I yawned expecting the typical Jack Johnson John Mayer music conventions – yawn- only to be blown away with what I heard. Currently Jimmy performs with his band in the Los Angeles area. His sound is steeped in a late 60s blues/rock band with a contemporary feel. He has been influenced by Freddie King, Hendrix, The Doors, The Beatles, The Allman Brothers and his favorite Eric Clapton. He also follows the Black Keyes and Gary Clark Jr. Current line up: Jacob Delott on bass, Lael Eccard on drums, Nathan Leigh on keyboards, Stan Nirenberg on guitar and Jimmy Jax Pinchak on lead guitar and vocals.


I get the impression Pinchak writes and records in a unique fusionist style that fuses the rhythms of Blues and gold old fashioned Americana but with a rock edge. His unique style meshes rhythms and sounds with short, sometimes stark and deeply personal stories – still-life if you will for an increasingly busy age. Isn’t it funny how superficial today’s’ music is very much compatible with our culture is. Maybe people don’t want an up close and personal snapshot of an artist because all the present media deflects this kind of social interaction? Anyway Pinchak asks us to examine the world in a fresh light. I hate to pigeonhole but if you like Robbie Williams, Rusted Root, Mark Knopfler, Tindersticks, Tim Buckley and Marc Cohen you will like the Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band. “Make it Better” is exceptional music and multi-dimensional to say the least. The music itself is thought provoking, interesting and straight from the heart. It also however possesses some Americana and Blues core kind of breaking the traditional mold for Singer-Songwriter style of music. Does all of this sound a bit over the top to you? Just listen to marquee tracks like “On the Run”, “tell Me’ and the title track and you’ll begin to see my perspective. I got hooked on Pinchak and his band after the first few seconds of Track 1: “There is More” which really got my blood pumping for a change. The main focus of this genre of music is generally the personality of the artist, here Pinchak wins you over without even trying. The amazing lyrical content never feels like an afterthought. What’s more the vocal work and impeccable songwriting and lyrical flow from Pinchak and a few notable behind the scenes contributors (Producer Jon Fowler, mixer Josh Mosser (Imagine Dragons - Radioactive) and mastering Engineer and Grammy Winner Erick Labson).really brings it all together.


The Bottom Line Let me go on record by saying I wish more CD’s like Pinchak came across my desk. All in all it’s a powerful combination that puts a guy like Pinchak on the map for 2014 and beyond. He should go a long way towards proving that real music is still alive and well, even if it is up-close and personal.  


Michael Rosenberg edited by Markus Druery

Indieshark Music Critic




© James Pinchak 2012