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Make It Better with the Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band

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Have you been craving the sounds of the blues-rock classics such as Cream, Clapton, Stevie Ray, or BB King? Look no further; I’ve found what you’re searching for.

If you’re thinking, “haven’t I heard that name before?”… yes you have. Jimmy Jax Pinchak recently appeared in the movie Ender’s Game opposite of Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsly, and Viola Davis. Pinchak played the character Peter Wiggin. You might have also seen him in Polar Express with Tom Hanks or Hostage with Bruce Willis.

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Today I am here to present you with Make It Better by the Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band. Recorded in Los Angeles via Westlake Studios, Jimmy shows us he is good at more than just acting.

Backed by a team of top-notch musicians, Jimmy Jax Pinchak has created a solid record that is as refreshing as it is nostalgic. With obvious influences from the greats such as King, Clapton, and the Beatles, Pinchak’s song crafting abilities are well beyond his young age.

Joined by Jacob Delott on bass, Nathan Leigh on keyboards, Lael Eccard on drums, and Stan Nirenberg on guitar; Jimmy stands as point guard handling vocals and additional guitar playing duties. This album takes me back to a time when the music was only as good as the musicians playing it. Pinchak’s band is a team of all stars with a bright future.

Setting the stage with the opening Beatles-esque riff on There Is More, the band seems to effortlessly take us on a sonic journey through 8 songs that could each stand on their own as solid singles.

By the time you reach track 4, Make It Better, you’re settled into the gritty blues guitar reminiscing on years that passed long ago. This album sounds so familiar it takes you back to those stored away memories we made while blasting records from Cream, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Dylan.

The dirty riff that kicks off Draggin The Line (track 7) immediately makes you think ZZ Top. When the solo kicks in around 2 minutes and 28 seconds, you find yourself rocking out with your air guitar while you’re pets watch and wonder what’s going on.

Make It Better ends with an all out jam track, Soul Sacrifice, where each of the musicians showcase their skills; specifically the section where the drummer goes off like a mad man… then the keys kick in… then the bass takes off… In other words, one hell of a way to close one of the most solid blues rock albums I have heard in quite a while.

I’ve listened through this album several times over the past couple of weeks and I plan on listening to it anytime I need that fix for some fresh but classic-sounding blues rock.

This is the part where you go to The Band’s website and show your support. You can learn more about Jimmy Jax Pinchak here.  You can also connect with the band on FB or Twitter.


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