Meet The Band! : Our Interview with Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band( @JimmyJPBand )





With such a successful career in TV and film, what made you catch the music bug?


The Beatles (no pun intended)

What was your craziest fan experience?

We were playing a show in Santa Monica, when a couple of fans started re-enacting a scene from Back To The Future while we were playing Johnny B. Goode

Describe your music using only colors.

Absolutely not. It’s music, not a color… People who try and describe their music with a color are missing the point.

If you had the opportunity to change anything about the entertainment

industry what would it be?

It’s too far gone to try and change it now. We have to adapt to it, and try to beat it.

When and where will you be touring?

Anywhere we can! Playing live is what makes a good band great. We don’t have a lot booked right now, so I would check the website for future announcements.

You sound way older than 18 who were some of your musical


Eric Clapton, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Santana

What do you feel has kept you going the most?

A love for music.

Fill in the blanks
My music causes thought

My family thinks my music is fantastic

My music makes me feel driven to do even better.


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